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UC Davis

Whenever I hear UC Davis mentioned, I never think of art or artists. I think of a friend of mine, Howard who graduated from their famous school of veterinary medicine, a DVM often flying down to South America to bring … Continue reading

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Marsha Effron Barron Review

It was an hour before Marsha Effron Barron’s LACMA reception when I found myself sitting outdoors in one of the Museum’s restaurants flanked by two attractive female artists, Clara Berta and Lynne McDaniel. On the table, nothing but empty glasses … Continue reading

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“Yellow House” Book Review

Picture this, around the middle of September 1888 (the year my grandfather was born in northern France), Vincent Van Gogh was reading about a man named Prado, recently caught for murdering prostitutes. In fact, almost everyone was reading about Prado, … Continue reading

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