My sculpture of heads and torsos incorporates a mix of realism and abstraction consisting of wood, clay, stone, bronze, and/or steel, which are either left in their natural state, manipulated, or both. Most of the works are mounted on bases, which are integral parts of the pieces. For me, the creation of the human figure in sculptural form is a comfortable and irresistible impulse. As sculptor Stephen De Staebler put it, “The human figure is the most loaded of all forms because we live in one.”


My art is motivated by curiosity to discover what’s on the other side of mountains, that is, the visual results of one’s creations over time that could not have been predicted. It’s also my attempt to create an existential reconciliation with uncertainty and the apparent insignificance of mankind. The viewer will gaze on pieces of solidity that symbolize immortality, but understand that the message signifies the ultimate and inevitable decay towards an Ozymandias reality, a memento mori.

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