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A Candid Talk With Roland Reiss On His Exhibit at PMCA

A number of years ago, Roland Reiss gave me advice at one of my photography exhibits that I continue to use to this day. Sweeping his arm before my photographs, this former leader of Claremont University’s graduate art department said, … Continue reading


Hans Burkhardt’s Magnificent Journey

In the mid-1940’s at LACMA’s original Exposition Park site, Hans Burkhardt’s painting,  “One Way Road,” was removed from an exhibition because he used too much red paint and, well, it was deemed to be communistic. . Not strange for an … Continue reading

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It’s Pacific Standard Time at the Platt/Borstein Galleries

The painter Yitzhok Loiza Grossberg is way up there on my list of favorite artist. Never heard of him? You probably know him better as Larry Rivers. Ever come across the work of the artist Judy Cohen? Perhaps you know … Continue reading


The Inner World of the Artist Munoz Acosta

Even when I have a good concept and all my ducks are in a row, I always feel somewhat  at  a loss when facing a blank canvas for the first time. So when I learned that the renowned Mexican artist Munoz Acosta (whose … Continue reading


Huguette Caland’s Nirvana

Standing next to Shana Nys Dambrot comes with perks. The best arrived a few months ago when we were both invited to the house of artist Huguette Caland. Dambrot, a long-time friend of the artist, has incredible admiration for her … Continue reading


Yours Truly’s Video Talk Participation at George Condo Opening

Jack Rutberg keeps hitting them out of the ballpark, which is not a particularly good way of keeping me out of his gallery. This time the home run is a show featuring some early works from the artist George Condo … Continue reading

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Mat Gleason Performs at Beacon Arts Building

Anyone remember the late Gallery C? What really stays with you about that gallery was its behemothic space. And now in Inglewood a humongous space for art again comes to our neighborhood.  How big? Thirty-two thousand four hundred square feet, … Continue reading


Three Home Runs For Rutberg

I was not planning to review another Jack Rutberg show so soon, but he continues to organize exhibitions well worth writing about. The first word that came to mind when I recently entered his Gallery was “smorgasbord,” since the works … Continue reading

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Review of New Book on Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani is one of the ten most “faked” artists ever, with at least a thousand forgeries of his work floating about at any given time–that is, according to Meryle Secrest’s excellent new biography entitled Modigliani – A Life. Not … Continue reading


The Ambrosial Resurrection of Yoram Gil

There are movies that we never forget, couldn’t even if we tried to, they were that good. And the same can be said of past galleries that were once filled with great art; they too remain embedded in our minds. … Continue reading

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